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Chimborazo and Everest SciNews Assignment

We are going to explore some science news. If you name something you are interested in, there is most likely science behind it. The  Science in the News or SciNews assignment is designed to help meet the learning standard related to literacy:

Determine the central idea and conclusion of a text, provide an accurate summary of the text distinct from prior knowledge or opinion. (MS-LS1-5)

To help meet this goal, you can choose a science related article connected to any topic you like. Some basic requirements are that it must be more than 5 paragraphs long and it must have been published in the last year. There are suggested links to science articles in the lower section of this blog.

Here is a link to the document to draft the main ideas of the article. This must be stapled to your typed final draft of your SciNews. This assignment is due December 8.

In addition to working to meet learning standards, I hope you learn about some fascinating science happening in the world right now.


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  1. Lillian
    Posted November 12, 2014 at 1:37 pm | #

    I know what I am doing my sci-news on

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